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Why is Trial Experience so Important?

One Important Key Sets the Stage for Success

When selecting a Family Law Attorney, Michael Hines fervently believes that you should select one who has trial experience. He learned as a young Prosecutor that the best way to start preparing for a trial is to know your closing argument.

“If you have your closing argument already written, then you know what you have to prove,” says Michael Hines.

Many Trial Cases, So Much Experience

Not only has Hines had dozens of Criminal Law jury trials but he has tried cases in the Family Law arena in St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam, Volusia, Clay, and Duval counties.

He has tried cases that are as simple as a Contempt of Court for failure to pay Child Support, modifications of Spousal Support/Alimony and Child Support, modifications in Visitation or Parenting Plans; all the way up to the most serious multi-day Divorce Trials where there are millions of dollars worth of assets at stake.

Having this experience helps Attorney Michael Hines analyze a case so that the case is solidly built from the bottom up. Always with the mindset, “what is that all-important closing argument and what is it that you hope to prove at trial?” Keeping that in mind, Hines can use his experience to better analyze all the legal aspects of a client’s case and wisely give counsel.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Well-Prepared, and Skilled

Michael Hines believes that a well-prepared, skilled and knowledgeable advocate with a wide range of courtroom experiences will be the best choice for most every client. Prepared to counsel clients in a truly effective and insightful manner, Michael Hines’ will aim for the goal of avoiding the very judicial intervention that his specific knowledge and skills are designed to embrace in order to serve his clients best interests. Anyone who knows Hines or who has ever opposed him in court, knows that he has considered the closing argument and that Hines will already have the advantage, if it comes to that.

Hines Focuses His Career to Benefit His Clients

Attorney Michael Hines also believes that although he has nearly two decades of experience as an Attorney, it is even more important that he has the specific experience and time devoted to the particular practice areas of Family Law and Criminal Law.

It’s important that you choose an Attorney who has focused their attention in the specific areas of Law that are pertinent to your case to give you the best counsel and representation.

Choosing your Legal Representative

It is important that you are represented by a respected, passionate and experienced Attorney who is:

  • Familiar and up-to-date on the Statutes and case law criteria with specific attention on the areas of Law that are pertinent to your case.
  • Experienced in building a strong case that supports your needs and goals.
  • An experienced tough negotiator with a proven track record.
  • Proven to be successful in the courtroom and prepared to go to trial and plead your case before the Judge when necessary.

  • Experience is the most important factor an Attorney brings to your case. When considering the Attorney that will be the best choice for you, it is important to evaluate the specific knowledge and experience he can bring to your case.