Dissolution of Marriage

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In Florida, there are two types of dissolution of marriage; regular and simplified. Either party can file to dissolve the marriage. You must prove that the marriage exists, one of the party has been a Florida resident for six months preceding the filing and that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Many factors can come into play and there is no one size fits all dissolution of marriage.

A regular dissolution of marriage requires an automatic financial disclosure, mediation to determine agreeable terms, formalizing settlement terms and a contested final hearing if both parties cannot come to an agreement amicably.

A simplified dissolution can be done without an attorney, but spouses are responsible for filing all necessary documents and both spouses are required to appear before the judge when the final dissolution is granted. If you’re considering this approach, please see our page on “Do-It-Yourself Divorce”. It can be done, but is akin to performing surgery on yourself.

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