Injunctions & Restraining Orders

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Unfortunately, many Family Law disputes involve violence or the threat of violence, necessitating protection orders known in Florida as Domestic Violence Injunctions. Other states refer to them as Restraining Orders.

When an adult or child has been or is in imminent danger of being a victim of violence, the Court will enter a Domestic Violence Injunction/Restraining Order to protect that person. Such Injunctions usually prohibit the named defendant (the violence perpetrator) from making any contact with the named protected person(s) or from even coming within a specified distance of the protected person(s).

Anyone breaking the terms of a protection order faces criminal arrest and prosecution.

The terms of an Injunction can be drafted to suit the needs of individual cases. For example, sometimes special provisions need to be made to allow for supervised visitation/time sharing with children and/or supervised exchanges of children. Attorney Michael Hines and his legal team have years of experience helping clients get protection orders entered that serve their specific family’s’ needs.

If you are afraid of someone, or are afraid for your children, contact the Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A., today and take some positive and crucial steps. You need not live in fear.

When an Injunction is Needed to Stop Domestic Violence

During the course of a marriage or following a divorce or separation, there are occasions in which abusive or dangerous interactions may occur or start developing over a period of time. In a perfect world, the signs of abusive or dangerous situations would be immediately apparent giving you the ability to legally address potentially harmful actions. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Most people don’t know that Law Enforcement typically will not issue an order of protection over what they may perceive as a simple argument. Obtaining the services of experienced legal counsel when these situations arise is often the first line of defense in providing relief from potentially harmful actions against you and your family.

Based upon your concerns and proper documentation of behavior of the other party or parties, Attorney Michael Hines can help you legally seek a Domestic Violence Injunction as an order of protection in an effort  to provide immediate relief and secure your safety.

Law Enforcement Delivers an Injunction

The individual(s) against whom the domestic injunction is issued will be personally delivered the court order by law enforcement and informed of the stipulations/restrictions of the protective order, as well as the consequences/ramifications of violating the terms of the injunction.

Behaviors for which injunctions are often granted:

• Acts of domestic violence or abuse
• Verbal, written, or spoken threats of violence or abuse
• Acts of stalking or harassment
• Or any other act or action which causes you to fear for your personal safety and the safety of your children

The Court Order Timeline

When a temporary Domestic Injunction is granted, the order is valid for 15 days, providing time for a hearing to be scheduled and conducted to determine if the protective order should be extended for a specific period of time, indefinitely ordered, or to allow the temporary Domestic Injunction to expire.

If Accused, Domestic Violence Cases are Aggressively Pursued

More than a decade ago, the State Attorney's Office began aggressively prosecuting domestic violence cases. Additionally, the Florida Legislature passed a law that requires a first time offender accused of misdemeanor domestic violence to spend a minimum of five days in jail if convicted. The penalties for domestic violence can be substantial, and can involve prison time for felony cases.

In today's legal climate, it is more important than ever to obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are ever accused of domestic violence.  Attorney Michael Hines has real time courtroom experience in these complex and difficult cases and his team can help defend you if you are ever in such a circumstance.

Domestic violence is a serious offense.  At the Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A., we will aggressively stand up for your rights in any legal proceeding that stems from this kind of incident. An arrest may be made and charges levied against the abuser. It is important that you seek confident and experienced representation to ensure that your voice and your side of the story are heard.

Representing Your Side

When seeking a domestic injunction as a protective court order, it is important to have a voice of experience on your side. Contact the professionals at the Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A., to discuss how they can assist you. With the experience and resources to effectively guide you through the legal process of a domestic injunction, this team always strives to provide the highest standard of legal representation and to aggressively pursue your protection and rights, while handling these cases with the utmost discretion.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance in which you must file for a protection order in the form of a domestic injunction, Attorney Michael Hines is here to provide experienced legal advice and representation to ensure your legal rights are protected. Don't let an abusive or dangerous domestic situation escalate; protect yourself and your children.

Attorney Michael Hines has successfully helped families dealing with very difficult and contentious domestic violence cases from highly volatile and seriously threatening to the seemingly impossible.

Our Commitment to You

The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. has an outstanding team that is dedicated to providing you with the kind of legal representation you deserve. To us, that means working closely with you to understand your goals and ensure the shared Parenting Plan truly reflects your needs and the needs of your children.

Our many successful injunctions and restraining order results demonstrate our dedication to hard work, our genuine concern for clients and the trust that we instill in each client. Many former clients have shown their confidence in our services by sending a friend or family member our way when they are faced with a difficult Family Law problem — and we are happy to serve their needs with the same level of compassion, support and experience.

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