Attorney Fees and Costs in Family Law

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Careful Consideration of Your Financial Circumstances

It is often true that Family Law litigation can be very expensive especially considering the financial circumstances of the breakup of a marriage. At the Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A., everyone on our team gives due diligence and careful consideration to your financial situation.

Court May Award Payment for Attorney’s Fees During Proceedings

Under divorce and paternity proceedings, the party with less financial resources (both income and assets) may have the right to request the Court to award temporary attorney fees and costs during the course of the proceedings and final attorney fees and costs at the conclusion of the proceedings. This relief is under the broad discretion of the Court and is based on the parties' specific financial circumstances. Such awards are intended to allow both parties equal and similar access to competent legal representation in order to pursue and defend their claims.

The Court may also consider the parties' respective overall behavior and compliance during the litigation in determining whether to award attorney fees and costs. The Court can also award costs and attorney fees as sanctions in contempt and enforcement proceedings based on a party’s willful refusal to comply with the court orders.

At the Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A., we remain cognizant of the high cost of litigation and strive to provide excellent representation at reasonable costs in consideration of the circumstances of your case.

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