The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. Scholarship

Award Overview:  The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. will  hereby establish The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. Scholarship. An initial scholarship of $500 will be awarded to a Florida resident attending a four year college.

Administration: The award is defined and administered as follows:

Title of the award shall be the The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. Scholarship

A scholarship review committee comprised of staff of The Law Office of Michael Hines, P.A. will be responsible for choosing the candidate annually.

Funds will be awarded to support scholarship(s) for tuition, fees or instructional learning expenses

The intent of the donor is to present at least one $500 scholarship

Scholarship(s) will be awarded to one or more students meeting the following criteria: 

  1. Current Florida resident from St. Johns County. Preference will be given to a “non-traditional” student who has started college later in life or is working a full time job. Preference will also be given to any veterans.
  2. Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must have completed 15 credits or more
  3. Student must be currently enrolled full time in a four year college or university
  4. Copy of your college transcript is required, an unofficial copy is acceptable
  5. Letter of recommendation from a College or University Professor or current employer
  6. To be considered a finalist, please complete a short personal essay answering the following questions
    1. Please tell us about yourself and your future goals.
    2. Why do you believe you are a non-traditional student?
    3. If you are a veteran, tell us about your time in the military.

Scholarship applications will be available approximately March 1, with a deadline date of Apri1.  Selections will be made in the beginning of May.  Disbursement of the scholarship will be sent directly to the student’s college or university’s Bursar office in June.

Please send information to [email protected]