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Paternity, Child Visitation and Adoptions

The most important people involved in paternity and child support cases are those who have nothing to do with the problem: the children. Michael Hines, a father of two, works for the interests of the children first, and everything else comes next.

Everyone at the Law Offices of Michael Hines, P.A., is in tune to the sometimes incredibly emotional issues that come with cases involving children. We believe that both the biological mother and father are equally responsible for the financial care and support of their children, and we fight for what’s right. Every time.

And if you’re adopting, or considering adoption, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Adoptions, even parent or step parent adoptions, don’t always go glitch free. As an officer of the law, Michael Hines has dealt with real world scenarios and has seen dreams come true — and dreams become dashed.

Protect this joyous experience with an attorney who knows the pitfalls and potential for disaster.

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Mothers and fathers both have a responsibility under Florida Law to support their children financially. If you are having trouble getting child support because of paternity issues, Michael Hines will use his expertise to work with the other party and try to reach
a resolution.

Child Visitation

Biological parents have a right to visitation and a familial relationship with their children.


Adopting is usually an emotional rollercoaster for all involved, and a properly handled adoption can prevent years of pain and anguish due to one or both of the birth parents trying to take the child back. When adoptions are contested everyone loses, but the person harmed the most is the child. Michael Hines is committed to covering every detail so that the adoption is the joyful time it should be.


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